Case Study: Business Leases/Fleet

We were approached by a business that leases company cars for its field-based staff (Sales Managers).

They had 5 company cars that were due to be returned the following month. The 5 cars were managed by their Accounts Assistant (Claire) who was given the responsibility for all the servicing, insurance, accidents and maintenance for the cars.

Claire knew that there were various areas of damage on the cars and that they had to be returned to BVRLA standards, but didn't really understand what was acceptable.

We arranged for our inspectors to visit each car and e-mail the report to Claire so she could understand what was required and arrange the repairs herself before the cars were returned.

We put Claire in touch with 3 different companies that helped her with the repairs and we also advised her that 2 of the cars required a service.

We asked Clarie to comment on our services:

'Although I manage company cars, I knew that if I let the cars go back to the leasing company with the damage the business would receive huge bills. I wanted to avoid this happening.

I was recommended to 'Inspect Any Car' from a friend that had used them for her personal car and by using them not only did it take the burden off me, but the cost saving to the company must have been in excess of 50% compared to what we would have paid doing nothing. I would recommend their service to absolutely everybody!'