Case Study: Personal Car Lease Return

Mr Stevens from Oxford was due to return his VW Golf to his dealership after a 3 year PCL (Personal Car Lease) agreement. Mr Stevens contacted us because he had various areas of bodywork damage and he was unsure what he was responsible for.

We arranged for an inspector to visit him and following the delivery of his report we managed to put him in touch with both a local car repair specialist to repair his bodywork and also an interior repair company to repair a slight tear in his driver's seat.

We asked Mr Stevens to comment on our services and here is what he had to say:

'Not being in the motor trade I was terrified of what I might get charged for after my car had been returned. By having the inspection I knew exactly what was required and with the help of 'Inspect Any Car', they put me in touch with companies that helped me get the car repaired before I handed it back.

Without a doubt I have saved over £1000 by not handing the car back with damage.

Great service and will use them again.... if my driving doesn't improve!'