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We understand how important the report is and we wouldn't expect you to book without knowing what your report will look like. We would recommend that you download the 'example' report below or contact us and we will e-mail it to you.

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We examine the report first

Before we send you the report, one of our experts will assess the report and identify anything that needs attention before the car is returned, we will email you appropriate contacts to assist.

We will never share your report

All we specialise in is the inspection. We will give you recommendations and share our industry contacts that can assist. It is your decision if you decide to contact them not ours!

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our expectations are always for complete satisfaction with our services, we work to very high standards and will always do our best for our customers.

All Inclusive Cost

The cost of £99.00 is fully inclusive. The cost covers all administration, the inspector's travel costs, the report, any recommendations, and advice.

Frequently asked questions

Q1) How do I receive the inspection report?

The inspection report will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection and will be as a PDF file. The report is also available to you saved through our 'cloud storage'.

Q2) Can I watch the inspection take place?

Yes, all our staff are trained to the highest standards and our inspection agents will be able to talk you through what they are checking for. Feel free to ask them any questions as they are experts at de-fleeting vehicles.

Q3) Do I need to clean the car first?

Ideally yes, the inspection agent will be examining the paintwork, wheels, and glass, so we recommend that the car is clean.

Q4) How will you save me money?

We have experts that understand what potential costs you could incur if the car is returned with damage on it. Our recommendations will provide you with sizable savings if you decide to use their services and this will be 100% your decision.