Avoid excessive de-fleet charges

By booking your vehicle inspection with 'Inspect any car' we can advise you on what needs to be done before your car is returned, allowing you to control any costs.

We complete thousands of inspections each week for both members of the public that have a car due to be returned to a leasing company and the leasing companies themselves, working to a set of pre-determined customer standards. Our inspections provide transparency of the vehicle’s condition at the end of a contract and will highlight anything that needs to be repaired or replaced before the vehicle is returned to the lease provider.

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Take a look at the below video’s, they will give you an overview of how we can help you manage your vehicle return.

Why Have your vehicle inspected?

The Process Explained

The 3 steps to receive your report

the vehicle inspection

The Inspection

Book online with a date and a location for your inspection. Once the booking is confirmed, our vehicle inspector will then arrive as agreed and perform a detailed examination of the car so you can understand what needs to be done before the car is returned to the lease company.

the inspection report

The Report

Within 24 hours you will be emailed a detailed report about the condition of your car, supported with images, the report will highlight absolutely everything that needs to be repaired to replaced so that the car can be returned without excessive end of lease charges.

vehicle inspection savings

The Savings

If your vehicle requires attention before it goes back we can help. To avoid a conflict of interest we do not repair cars, but we can request a carefully selected working partner to provide a quote for any damage or replacement items, saving you hundreds of pounds.

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ipad vehicle software

All our inspectors use tablets powered by our own software to produce the report

We cover the entire UK

Wherever you are in the UK we have a vehicle inspector. We aim for you to have your inspection report within 72 hours from notification.

Our inspection agents

We are one of the very few companies whose vehicle inspection courses are approved by The Institute of the Motor Industry, so you can be assured to trust the quality standards of our inspection agents’  .